How to Extend Living Space in Your Home

Most familes in the UK want to have a larger home, but with costs for buying a house spiralling each year, it can become less and less achieveable as time goes on. This is where extensions can be a good way to increase space to your home without needing to buy a new house.

Most home extensions can be things like a single storey extension, a conservatory or garden room, or even a two storey extension. Depending on the space available, and your budget, you may find you can get a lot more than you thought initially!

The most popular conversion style is adding a conservatory to your home. This can be a nice way to have a larger living space such as adding room to your living room, or kitchen for example. Many people like to have a dining room within a conservatory to have the feel of eating in the garden without needing to leave the warmth of the inside!